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Adriatica Petroli al Medmar 2005

Adriatica Petroli will be at Medmar 2005 in Ravenn


Adriatica Petroli srl, head office in Ravenna Via Darsena 17, is able to offer professional service in the greater national and international ports.
Between our activities, bunker service is carried out through our means and employee staff, in order to accelerate all operations.
We have been operating in the fishing boats sector for many years: we have tank farms and distribution depots of fiscally subsidized gas oil.
The products We commercialize lubricants of the main marches that can be solden in normal fiscal system or facilitated.
At last, we supply directly from our four warehouses every type of fuel oil facilitated and not for yachts.

ADRIATICA PETROLI s.r.l. - Ravenna Via Darsena, 17 - Tel. 0544.684077 Fax 0544.684085  info@adriaticapetroli.it - P.IVA 02110290398